11 – Meanwhile, At Work

Bringing it Home I am a preacher’s kid, and in middle school I began attending out of town church events.  Dances, camps, retreats, events.  At my first church camp, I danced with a girl at the last night dance. She was way above my pay grade and a seventh grader to boot.  She took me […]

9 – American Born Chinese – Epilogue

ABC Julie and I met up again at the next year’s conference after vowing to keep it friendly.  Our affair became more passionate, but no less impotent.  We vowed love, and of course we vowed secrecy, although Tareq and Jason knew.  I don’t care to recount that affair save one chapter. That year, Tareq brought his […]

6 – American Born Chinese – Part 2

  She had changed from her conference clothes into some summery jumpsuit shorts, which showed off her femininely muscular legs.  I suspected she was a runner.  I walked behind her with Jason and Tareq and my eyes never left her ass as she bounced and skipped along like a little girl. I thought back to my first […]

5 – American Born Chinese – Part 1

  Over the course of the months between my Las Vegas trip and my first San Francisco trip, I had made some small changes which my wife did not approve of.  I began dressing more stylishly and youthfully, and I changed my hair style to a “short messy”.   I sometimes even used a little product […]

4 – Hyper-Religious

  When I was a young child my dad was guest preaching at a church in San Antonio.  I sat with my mom and my twin brother with the congregation.  In my memory, it was a huge church.  My home church was a tiny church in a tiny town.  My dad often addressed children in […]

3 – VIP – Part 3

  The only club I’d been to was when I was in 10th grade.  My best friend’s little step-sister really wanted to go to this club in town that had an age minimum of sixteen.  She was only fourteen.  I was a little anxious about taking her there.  Her father had not given her permission, […]

2 -VIP – Part 2

  I had set my alarm for seven AM to make sure I made it to the special alumni breakfast.  I called Donald. He said in a hoarse voice, “Wassss happenin!” “Not much.  I’m just about to go down to the lobby.  Will you meet me up by the desk?” I said. “Yup.  I’m already […]